Publishers of Refereed Open Access Indexed Journals


Conference Partnership Benefits

Conference Partners and organizers will be enriched from following Benefits:

1. Call for Conference Papers

IJMRS Publication will be placing the advertisement of conferences, Seminars and Workshops on the website of IJMRS Journals to maximize their exposure to potential network of academicians, researchers and practitioners.

2. Publication of Conference Papers

IJMRS will publish the conference papers and proceedings of the conference to maximize the exposure of conference papers and proceedings in cyber space.

3. Indexing and Citations

Research paper of conference will be indexed in most of the international academic databases and libraries to increase their citations and academic value of research for building social infrastructure and industrial practices .

4. Open access Policy

IJMRS Publication open access policy ensures that published papers are available to global network of researchers, academicians and to general public free of charge.  

5. Dissemination of Quality Research

IJMRS’s Journals encourage the researchers to produce more qualitative research work by screening the papers through there eminent editorial board.

6. ISSN No.

 Selected papers will be given ISSN No. depending on the requirement of Conference Organizer.

7. Association with International publishers

IJMRS Publication   is international body   therefore; it endows the great benefit to authors by increasing their visibility among their international peers.

8. Marketing Opportunities and Solutions for Conference Organizers

Our range of events offers targeted through our website and pre-event brand building post support of paper and post support of publication of conference papers. Packages are available for individual conference events. Saliet features of marketing support are:

·   Enhance relationships with existing conference prospects and meet new ones

·   Support and Marketing services for conference

·   Position conference organizers as the leader in the field

·   Seek international partners  for conferences and form new alliances

Last but not the least, a range of options is available to suit every objective and budget of conference organizers.

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