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IJMRS's International Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Physical Sciences, ISSN 2320-9992
The International Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Physical Sciences (IJMMPS) is a Refereed Research Journal which aims to promote an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to engineering, biomechanical systems and biophysics. The objectives of IJMMPS are to establish an excellent platform for discussion and communication between applied mathematicians, mathematical and numerical modelers, computer algorithm developers, and optimization researchers in academic and research institutions, and industry. It strives to promote the development of effective algorithms, mathematical models, and optimization techniques and their applications in real-world problems with demonstrated capability and efficiency in cross-disciplinary and industrial applications. The Journal focuses on issues related to the design, development and implementation of new methodologies and technologies which aim to achieve medical field and systems sciences. This Journal proposes to cover a wide spectrum of subjects including operations research, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and mechanics of metals, reliability modeling and system optimization, finite element, methods and boundary element procedures, non-linear dynamics, oscillation theory, decision sciences in industrial and manufacturing context, civil engineering systems and structures, mineral and energy resources, relevant software engineering issues, computer network and security, and materials and metallurgical engineering. It aims to be a world-class research platform for academics, managers and professionals to publish scholarly research in the global arena.
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July 06, 2018
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July 24, 2018
July 30, 2018
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