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Title :
A Practical Approach for Controlling Erosion of River Banks Using Needle Punched Geo-Bags
Author :
U.P. Mhasavekar, R. N. Joshi
Journal name :
IJMRS's International Journal of Engineering Sciences, ISSN 2277-9698
Volume :
Volume 05, Issue 02, Dec. 2016
Keywords :
Geo-bag, Now-woven, GSM, River embankment, Needle punched non-woven.
Abstract :
The objective of study is to verify the application of geobag as erosion control when it is used at riverbank sides. We manufactured nonwoven fabric of different grams per square meter (GSM). This nonwoven is sewed into geobag form and then used. Geobag is designed to fill with soil and is deployed at riverbank side. The geobags are exposed to river water flow for six months and then are removed from bankside and tested for its properties. Especially needle punched nonwoven is used to make geobags. Results found are very interesting. The result throws light on the thickness of geobag and its deformation after being deployed at river bank for six months. Now a days, non-woven needle punched geobags are extensively used in an application of erosion control. Because erosion of soil due to flood is become a crucial problem near the embankment area of river. So, to avoid this kind of erosion geobags are used in the form of revetment to protect soil of embankment by making a layer of geobag working as protecting shield. To overcome on a problem of erosion of soil which is happening because of the flood, currents, wave action & fluctuation of water level in river embankment mainly nonwoven needle punched geobags are used for controlling erosion of soil. Application of erosion control is achieved though continuity of needle punched fabric to being cohesive, keep strength & extensibility as it is during placement & subsequent deformation.
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